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Essay example - Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Reflection Paper

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(ASL) Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or the Lou Gehrig’s disease is a neurological disease in which the neurons controlling voluntary muscles become dysfunctional. The symptoms of this disease include; degeneration and eventual death of motor neurons. Involuntary twitching…

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However, men are prone to it compared to women (Association, 2000).
The movie So Much So Fast is a documentary on the life of Stephen Heywood. At the age of 29 years, Stephen learns from medical tests that he has ALS (Ascher, 2006). Most people who receive such diagnosis seal their fate. They easily give up on life automatically signing their own death sentence. It is necessary for a counseling psychologist to address all concerns that may arise from ALS. Proper analysis of the afflicted patient, his immediate family and friends and the community he comes from should be done (Winstead, 2005).
Cross-cultural psychology studies the effect culture has on people’s thinking, behaviors and expression of emotions and feelings. Culture plays an enormous role in the way people in a culture define physiological disorders and how they express them. For example, western cultures are individualistic in nature, whereas, eastern cultures are more communistic. Therefore, people in individualistic cultures deal with their disorders privately compared to people in communist cultures where the entire society is aware of the disorder and pitches in to help in therapy. Comprehensive comparative studies on different cultures shows that people’s cultural backgrounds affects the way they respond to treatment. They also show that culture impacts on the success or failure of therapy received during the treatment process. Integration of cultural influences and therapy is a sole responsibility of a counseling psychologist. This will help the therapist with tips on how to deal with the patient, his family and the entire community (Winstead, 2005).
In the case of Stephen, a therapist’s concern would be in dealing with his exuberant positive attitude despite the diagnosis of a terminal disease (Gordon,2000). Stephen’s attitude from the exact start was uplifting to those around him. Unlike most patients diagnosed with ALS, Stephen took the news in a rather positive way. ...
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