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Nature -Vs- Nuture - Essay Example

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Nature -Vs- Nuture

nurture began with Sir Francis Galton, the British psychologist who coined the term “nature versus nurture” after his travels in Africa, studies of heredity and the reading of his cousin Charles Darwin’s masterpiece Origin of Species in the 1860s. Through Darwin’s book, Galton realized that his passion was to study and determine the variations in human ability, which led to the writing of his book Hereditary Genius in 1869. This ultimately led to his views and thoughts in eugenics and his efforts at advocating human breeding restrictions to stop the production of “feeble-minded” human individuals and to improve the human race as a whole (“Francis Galton,” 2012). His eugenics movement was based on Darwin’s theory which states that “human abilities and personality traits, no less than the plant and animal traits… were essentially inherited” (“Francis Galton,” 2012). This means that Galton may have been fascinated with the idea that certain human abilities are in fact inherited while most people would normally think that how we behave is largely a result of the environment we are in. The controversy created the issue and the lack of concrete evidence on both sides of the argument may have instilled more ardor and curiosity in Galton.
Moreover, in 1874, in his book English Men of Science: Their Nature and Nurture, Galton defined “nature and nurture” in this way: “Nature is all that a man brings with himself into the world; nurture is every influence that affects him after his birth” (“Profile,” 2012; “Nature versus Nurture,” 2012). Galton, through Darwin’s theory, favored nativism or the nature theory, and proved his stance using twin studies, stating that monozygotic twins exhibited a number of similarities whether or not they were raised together or in different places (“Profile,” 2012). The stance of Galton on nativism was either supported or advocated by various other theorists and ...Show more


We then speculate as to the explanation and we say that the boy’s parents were also smart or that the girl used to study in an all-girls school…
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Nature -Vs- Nuture essay example
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