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Personal Views of Ethics - Research Paper Example

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This paper “Personal Views of Ethics” examines the writer's views and opinions about how ethics function after attaining some exposure in the field of psychology. It examines the core elements of the APA Code of Ethics and goes on to examine how ethics affects important elements of psychology practice…

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Personal Views of Ethics

I have become familiar with how the ten standards of the APA Code of Ethics work in practice. The overall body of ethics for the guidance of psychologists in their practice (APA 2010 Amendments, 2011), I realized is the the bottomline for the operations of a psychologist.
Standard 1 gives the scope and limitation of the APA Ethical standards. In my practical experience, I find that the APA Ethical standards are very strong and powerful. This is because it has evolved over a long period of time in history through lobbying by previous psychologists and advocacy groups. Due to this, it seems to me that the APA ethical standards have the full force of local law and are more stricter than normal laws. This therefore makes it a very powerful set of principles. However, I think that there are times where practical matters might require a psychologist to deviate from these standards.
Standard 2 focuses on Competency which requires psychologists to get appropriate education, experience and exposure to ethics. In practice, I find out that this ethical standard sets the framework for the psychology profession to be institutionalized and respected. However, there are questions about whether these APA standards apply to other people who render similar services as psychologists like religious leaders.
Standard 3 is about Human Relations, how Psychologists must relate to other people in the society, primarily their co-workers, their clients and people connected to their clients. ...
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