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Positive Psychology: Does having a younger spouse help you age successfully? - Research Paper Example

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Several studies have been done to find out the concepts of successful and creative ageing. However, there is very little information about the effect of having a younger spouse in successful ageing. This study trys to study the concept of successful ageing and its relevance to having a younger spouse…

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Positive Psychology: Does having a younger spouse help you age successfully?

The results of the study will help to inform policy makers about the factors that contribute to longevity and quality of life. Methods of research. This will be an exploratory research that will use peer reviewed reports, published literatures, studies and articles on data based studies of adults over age 60 and an operational definition of successful definition of successful ageing. Literature review This review of research collects data on studies done about successful ageing in order to find if age is one of the correlates to successful ageing. Likewise, definitions of several authorities on the subject of successful ageing have been reviewed to find factors that contribute to successful ageing. What factors contribute to ageing successfully? They arrived at a point of view that people hold their own future, and the choices we make, at any age in life, can affect the quality and length of our lives. Successful ageing has been the subject of interests of many gerontologists. This has been discussed by Dr Rowe and Dr. Kahn in their book “Successful Aging”. ...
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