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Topic: Important criterion for hiring. - Essay Example

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However, to keep a discussion more informative and less troublesome for the interviewee, the employee cooperation counts a lot. Keeping…

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Topic: Important criterion for hiring.

A degree alone does not provide the true potential of a candidate. The degree/transcript is merely an exposure to the bookish knowledge, however, the intellect, social behavior and personal traits of an individual are equally important for job to be done properly. Hence, a person’s interview and selection process must be supported by the interviewers’ cooperative behavior to get the idea of personal traits a person possesses.
Employers tend to be more concerned about the degrees, appearance and knowledge of individuals. Hence the selection interview is more inclined towards the bookish knowledge being tested or formal questions being used. There, however, is a need to develop a polite, tension-free and a bit informal environment in the start of the interview to bring the interviewee at peace and rest. Once a discussion starts and the interviewee feels comfortable, the formal questions must be proceeded with. Most of the employers remain ignorant to this fact due to a large number of candidates available to be interviewed. The vacancy, as a result, is filled up by a person who might have a wonderful knowledge about the job but who lacks personal traits to deal with different situations and people in the work environment.
A manager is a person who knows the correct talent and skill needed for a particular job. There are certain jobs which require more of bookish knowledge and writing excellence than the interpersonal skills. An accountant, for instance, must be well versed with the legal issues and reporting standards requiring more score on the standardized test and formal interview questions. However, a sales representative require more interpersonal skills and persuasion power than others, needing a talkative, pleasant, well versed, highly intellectual and active person to take the position. The manager’s choice on the basis of interview results rather than a standardized test may imply ...
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