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Assignment example - Speech Acquisition

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High school
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Duality- refers to how language is organized into two tiers concurrently whereby, one level consists of distinct sounds while the other consists of distinct meanings. On their own, consonants and vowels have no intrinsic meaning; however, when combined differently they form…

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Those in the out-group are unable to comprehend the new utterances while the reverse holds true for members of the in-group. In addition, the duality property enables humans to combine different letters to form words and decide their meanings.
In my opinion, speech is not special. A comparison of objects of speech and those of non-linguistic environmental sounds such as clucks and beeps or hands clapping among others reveals that they are all perceived in the same manner, as they are all sounds. Hauser et al, 2002 infers that auditory perception and speech perception belong to the same ontological grouping or types of sounds.
Infants acquire language at a very fast rate due to the sensitive critical periods present during this stage of development. Language acquisition becomes harder with the increase in age. Therefore, Jim and Sue’s one-year old infant would learn the new language faster compared to the same child at ten years of ...
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