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John F Nash

Sylvia Nasar in A Beautiful Mind narrates chronologically the life of John F Nash Jr (2001). It is a life of struggles of a brilliant but troubled man who won the Nobel Prize in 1994. As stated earlier, Nash was born in 1928 in West Virginia. His father was an electrical engineer a career he engaged in after suffering an unhappy childhood. His mother was a university graduate and a school teacher named Virginia. According to nurture vs. nature debate, a person’s life is a result of either genes or a product of the environment but researchers note that a whole person is a product of the interaction between genes and the environment. According to personality trait theories, people have innate qualities that they acquire during birth or are inborn due to hereditary genes. For example, a person may acquire same skin, hair or eye color as the parent. One may also acquire innate qualities such as aggression, disabilities, or diseases such as schizophrenia, asthma, diabetes, and sickle cell anemia. Some children also are presumed to acquire criminal genes from parents or sexual orientation hence this is sometimes used as a defense mechanism in courts with much criticism. Children can also inherit a high or low IQ from their parents. ...Show more


The paper will analyze the role of cognitive, physical and social-emotional development in his life. The major milestones and turning points in Nash’s life will be discussed as well as the impact of diversity on his life. …
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