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Running Head: JOHN F NASH Name of student: Course Title: Topic: John F Nash Lecturer: Date of Presentation: Introduction There has been a continuous debate as to what shapes a person’s life; is it nature or nature? Some people argue that a person’s life is influenced by genetic or hereditary factors hence the reason why identical twins reared in different environments still exhibit similar traits such as color of eyes and hair, level of intelligence, and personality among others.


Theorists like John Watson and B F Skinner believe that human behavior can be conditioned thus the reason why identical twins reared apart exhibit some differences. However, recent research suggests that a person’s life is determined by the interaction of genes and the environment hence none act in isolation (Moore, 2003). Genes just increase the likelihood of behaving in a certain way but the environment shapes the person, hence one has the ability to decide what to be in future and not necessarily what his parents are. The nature debate will be used to explain the life of an American mathematical genius namely John F. Nash. He was born in 1928 in West Virginia to an electrical engineer John F Nash senior and a school teacher Virginia (Nasar, 2001). The two parents played a great role in influencing his life but his experiences also played a great role in making him who he is now. The paper will also analyze the role of cognitive, physical and social-emotional development in his life. The major milestones and turning points in Nash’s life will be discussed as well as the impact of diversity on his life. ...
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