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In the study, Milgram attempts to find out the rate at which humans obey orders; this is because according to him, many people are forced into complying…


This was due to the fear they experienced whereby in failing to execute what the leaders advocated would face similar incidences like their victims. It is therefore evident that the entire study mainly majored on obedience and its effects.
According to Milgram, although obedience is a basic thing when it comes to matters related to social lives, it has resulted to people committing odious atrocities just in the name of obeying orders (Milgram, 1963). Millions of innocent people died between1930s and1945 after being slaughtered on command. The fact that millions of persons died is enough proof that it involved many people who were following an order made by one person. In his research, Milgram states that through the annals of history, what comes out clearly is that many crimes occur due compliance of misleading orders than by rebellion (Milgram, 1963). For instance, the German corps, through obedience ended up committing some of wicked atrocities the world has never seen. Hence, prompting Milgram claims in his study that though obedience is honorable deed, it can also be disastrous.
The main objective behind Milgram’s research is to determine the extent at which one would go in the name of obeying instructions. According to him, many people obey orders against their wish. This is because they are under coercion to comply whereby defaulters will bear stern repercussions. Similarly, others end up obeying due to the rewards that come alongside accomplishment of certain misions (Milgram, 1963). Milgram wanted to know what force that drives people into full compliance into statutes irrespective of their nature as well as how far one could go before giving up. Milgram’s main objective encompassed ascertaining how people respond to authoritative figures. It was because of this that he emerged with the electrocution experiment.
After the research, he noted that complying to orders normally varies depending on the type of ...
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