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Due to the sexual differences exhibited by people as they age, a study was conducted to determine the connection between sexual problems, sexual behavior as well as health among aging people. The National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project also referred to as NSHAP,…

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Measuring sexuality was done through assessing sexual activities, sexual satisfaction, characteristics of the sexual partners, attitudes that participants have towards sex, and sexual problems. These measurements were evaluated according to age and gender. The participants were both men and women between the ages of 57 and 85. The participants were divided into several sections and analyzed according to age. For instance, those between 57 and 64 years were analyzed together. Men were also assessed separately from women. Scales of sexual interests, sexual mores as well as satisfaction within relationships were constructed and the outcomes on every scale discussed. Reasons behind certain outcomes were also given and previous NSHAP data compared with this study’s results.
The main principle in this study was that sexual activity as well as functioning is determined by the partners’ capacity, motivation, attitudes, conduct, and the dyadic status of the relationship. Marriage was also taken into consideration because it provides an essential opportunity for intimacy. The study found out that marriage is one of the most essential predictors of mental health for both women and men and has the capacity to affect the financial well-being of the couples. The participant’s history such as their cohabiting period and marriage period was also collected and considered. This information was collected using questions, which were also used in tabulating the results when obtained. The results indicated the in spite of the fact that adults are engaged in sexual activities less often as compared to the young generations, a fair percentage remains constantly active especially between the ages of 65 and 75. This age group usually engages in penetrative intercourses while the older groups engage in other forms such as kissing and hugging. However, this state of being active declines as age advances. This implies that vaginal ...
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