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suffering from this condition experiences reduced levels of attention and hyperactivity, at the same time, other people often act impulsively in ways that are said to be not suited to their age. An individual suffering from ADHD starts to manifest these signs and symptoms at the age of six years to twelve, for effective diagnosis to be made, the person goes on to portray these symptoms for six more months. School going children that are suffering from this condition often perform poorly as reflected in the low grades and a general dislike for the entire learning process. This paper examines the prevalence rates of ADHD as a condition that can result in a life-long illness if it is left untreated; it explores various intervention approaches that have been used in treating the disease and the success of such interventions in America and other places.
ADHD is one of the most studied among all other conditions and complications affecting neurodevelopment according to recent research reports (Smith, 2012). Many teachers have been blamed for their inability to help learners perform well in their academic endeavors, while other performance related issues are easily tackled with; ADHD has remained to affect many children without parents, teachers and other caregivers unable to detect it. Another point of interest in the study of this condition arises from the fact that medical interventions are yet to bring about solid evidence effectively for treatment approaches and mechanisms. There are several research programs being conducted in various parts around the world in order to establish the root cause of this conditions as well as the possibility for reliable intervention strategies.
One of the most prevalent features of ADHD is a continuous pattern of inattention as well as hyperactivity-impulsivity that most often interferes with the normal functioning of an individual (APA, 2013). All these features appear prominently in the affected individual while performing various ...
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The human brain plays an important role in coordinating normal body processes and growth, however, when the brain is not in its rightful state; an individual is bound to suffer in different ways. One of the conditions of the brain that continues to affect many children and older…
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