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Dieting Through Operant Conditioning

Operant conditioning is a process by which behavior can be modified, changed or developed through the application of positive or negative reinforcement’s. In the case of food intake or eating behavior, positive reinforcement can be an enjoyable activity. For the objective of creating a weight loss program for a roommate, it is important to know first his goals and his eating behavior. This is the primary step in the program, the person needs to record or write in a food journal the target weight and the different foods he regularly eats. Since the program would need to be in a span of 1 month, it is important to write the amount and types of food he is eating and the liquid he is drinking in the week before that. It is also important to take note of the baseline information such as the present weight to serve as a reference. ...
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Dieting is a common challenge for people who wanted to lose weight due to the fact that it involves not only the process of eating itself but the behaviors and attitude surrounding this activity. …
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