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Psychological Disorder Analysis - Essay Example

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The paper tries to explore possible healing remedies that could help the individual to reach to a mental stability and avoid frequent relapses. The paper is also, an effort to understand and analyze some of the traits of psychological disorders of humans with a particular case study and analysis of an individual…

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Psychological Disorder Analysis

One of the common issues of today’s fast paced mechanical life is loneliness. Despite the various developments of the means of communication and technology, surprisingly man has become more and more lonely and secluded. Human being is a social being and a human interaction does have some healing capabilities that could never be cured by external aids though in some cases it becomes an absolute necessity depending on the severity of the concerns. A psychological disorder can be defined as a certain kind of mental illness which can also be termed as a ‘trauma’ that severely affects the individual in their day to day activities across multiple spheres and has a negative effect on human health both physical and mental. A specific reason for such traits is unknown. However, to understand, evaluate and arrive at a proper conclusion in order to seek for a proper treatment a psychological disorder diagnosis might be very helpful. It is important to note that this analysis is not to attach any social stigma and label the individual as ‘abnormal’; but it is to discover and explore the areas of concern to arrive at a solution to such affected behaviors.
There are various kinds of mental disorders and they are of various ranges from simple to complex. Approximately there are about 250 various mental disorders that have been discovered. Most of them also have some kind of connections with each other having related issues. ...
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