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With this basic unit of community, I experience being formed in several aspects and this formation is altogether a product of values taught and examples demonstrated by the adults whose actions have, in a way or another, influenced my set of perspectives on living and how I should find a way with it. Consequently, I somehow realize that while I acquire a unique identity by nature and ambition, I impose upon myself to assume traits of others which the norms of the society in general restrict men to be governed by. Beyond the impact of family, my encounter of other human beings in school, for instance, has induced to my spontaneous ‘self’ plausible barriers and motivating factors alike that tend to shape and modify my thoughts and deeds. Due to this ‘modified self’ in the community, I observe that having to put bounds around the nature I am, it typically gives lee to the rest of the community members to assert themselves more than I do. Eventually, I get pierced with grief and I unconsciously shield myself with a borrowed ‘persona’ to front an image that becomes less able to speak the truth. ...
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Complete Name: Course: Title: Thought Journal 1 - The “Self” in the Community Indeed, there have been much to learn in psychology which I find of significant advantage such as the lessons covered for studying the essence of memory, sensory perception, conditioning, as well as response and stimulus…
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