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Essay example - Andragogy

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The learners, on the other hand, need to assume the primary role of the learning process through a self-directed process. In the thought of Knowles, Holton & Swanson (2005), adult learners can become self-directed in the…

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Through andragogy, Knowles, Holton & Swanson (2005) indicate that educators can help the adults learn through subjecting them to experiences that will facilitate learning, motivating them to learn and even subjecting them to experiences that will make them self-directed to learn since adult learners are more mature as opposed to young learners.
The learning activities need to be directed through self-regulatory processes. Nonetheless, Boucouvalas (2009) is of the thought that learning does not take place by the individual simply identifying themselves with their group but by the individuals mastering their roles in the group and learning in a self-directed approach. Alfred’s (2009) Afrocentric feminist perspective warrants Knowles, Holton & Swanson’s (2005) treatment of the individual as distinctive and free through the argument that andragogy simply transits the adult learners from teaching them as children to teaching them as adults that are responsible and motivated. The same thoughts are in line with Knowles, Holton & Swanson’s (2005) thought that indicates that the learners need to have the internal desire to learn.
Alfred, M.V. (2000). The Politics of Knowledge and Theory Construction in Adult Education: A Critical Analysis from an Afrocentric Feminist Perspective. Proceedings of the 41th Adult Education Research Conference. Retrieved from: ...
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