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Communication Tactics

In this essay, I seek to explain a scenario of interpersonal conflict and ways of resolving this conflict and why these ways will work in such a conflict.
Interpersonal conflict occurs between two individuals and arises when there is expressed tension between these individuals who are interdependent and perceive they have incompatible goals (Wilmot and Hocker, 2001). This interpersonal conflict may be between a mother and a child, coworkers, friends, and even couples in a relation. It is important to note that for this conflict to arise the individuals have to be interdependent that is they need one. It can be at home, work and in the relationship and their close relation is the fact that results into conflict since they brush shoulders more often and difference in opinion and ideology is bound to rise.
A classic example of interpersonal conflict is one that arises at home between a parent and a child. For instance, there was a time I wanted to go to a great party that was organized by one of my schoolmate who was very popular. It was a well talked about party, everyone was saying how they would dress, and others were even saving to buy clothes just for this particular party. It was going to be the party of the year and all my classmates were attending. The organizers even made an effort of hiring a popular DJ just to grace the occasion with his well-known and respected mixes.
When I went home to ask permission to attend the party I was shocked beyond words by what I heard. My mother adamantly said no even without letting me explain everything. The more I tried to explain the more she would shut me down. This became frustrating. She tried explaining why she did not want me to go but I did not want to listen. She finally said her word was final and that was it. I was also not ready to just give in. I kept insisting and demanding that I had to go to the party. ...
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It is inevitable since people are not the same and have different characters, attitudes, ideologies, principles and moral standing. Conflicts can be categorized into intrapersonal conflicts, interpersonal conflict, or even…
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