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Sleep Paralysis - Essay Example

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Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is usually associated with stress, sleep conditions, jet jag and sleep deprivation. He relates the condition with large muscle and provides a solution on the management of the condition that is supine sleep. This article leaves a wide gap to complement of sleep paralysis inn the current world of psychology. But it provides an avenue for exploration withers supine sleep can help manage the disease and if so provide a solution to the six percentage of the population affected by the disease. Sleep Paralysis (Kimball). According to this article sleep paralysis is not considered a serious health problem, and it provides road to its cause and treatment. He goes ahead and claims that sleep paralysis is only a sign of immobility of the body while one is asleep and is really linked with a psychiatric problem. Sleep paralysis is defined as a feeling body’s consciousness but unable to move which occurs between the stages of wakefulness and sleep. In this period, one is usually unable to move or speak for a short duration of time with the accompaniment of chocking feeling in some people. There are two types of the condition that is predormital sleep paralysis when it occurs as you fall asleep or hypnogogic sleep paralysis when it occur as you wake up. In predormital sleep paralysis, as one fall asleep body slowly relaxes as one became less unaware thus unable to notice the change. While in hypnogogic sleep paralysis, during sleep the body alternates between rapid eye movement and non rapid eye movement. At the end of sleep, there occurs a shift from rapid to non rapid eye movement which occurs very rapidly hence dream occurring while though other parts of the main stagnant. He eludes the cause of sleep paralysis as lack of sleep, change of sleep schedule, mental state and substance abuse. The core treatment of this condition is an improvement of sleeping habit and treatment of the mental state of an individual. These articles played a critical role in the provision of background information of the management and understanding the myths behind sleep paralysis. Factors Related to the Occurrence of Isolated Sleep Paralysis Elicited During a Multi-Phasic Sleep-Wake Schedule(Tomoka 89-96) In this journal, the research studied the contributing factors in relation to the occurrence of isolated sleep paralysis exhibited during a multi phasic sleep. This area was studied because sleep paralysis is one of the crucial symptoms of narcolepsy as well as cataplexy, sleep attack and hypnagogic hallucinations. This research greatly contributes the understanding of the phenomena behind sleep paralysis and how it relates to other diseases that cause instability to persons psychologically. With the objective of investigating the mechanisms of isolated sleep paralysis in normal persons it examines the behavioral and psychological measurements related to isolated sleep paralysis which is a great contribution in understanding the psychology of sleep paralysis. This is highly relevant to psychology for it establishes the baseline for providing solutions to people with sleep paralysis though solving behavioral and psychological characters that can induce it. In the research design, a multiple phasic sleep/ wake schedule was induced at midnight and induced ...Show more


Sleep Paralysis Name Collage Tutor Date Disorders that make sleep scary: sleep paralysis (Carter 2) According to Carter, when one is asleep the brain sent signals to the body top inhibit movement as one dreams. A factor which keeps one from thrashing around and hurting themselves which is opposite of sleep paralysis in which the brain from switches inhibition on the muscles once when wakes up thus leading to creepy experience…
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Sleep Paralysis essay example
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