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the original Jesus

The first reason for why Jesus was a revolutionary character was that he sought to transform the way in which the Jewish society integrated with an understanding of their own history and the means by which they should resist or cooperate with the Romans. At the time of Christ’s earthly ministry, the region of Judea was one that was entirely under the firm grip of the Roman Empire. As such, a great number of the Jewish population were of the opinion that their history and the prophecies from the Old Testament would be realized in a dynamic and warrior like “savior”. However, as is evident from an analysis of the scripture and the teachings that Jesus sought to integrate with this population, a fundamental change between the “warrior” savoir and the reality of his ministry came to be realized. From the standpoint of current time, it can also be understood that the character of Jesus something of a revolutionary figure. ...
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Although the character of Jesus Christ as a revolutionary figure seems somewhat incongruous with reality, the fact of the matter is that he was very much a revolutionary. In such a way, this brief analysis will seek to provide but a few examples of how Jesus could be considered as a revolutionary figure, both within the times in which he lived as well as the current era…
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