The Crusades: The Bequest and Exemplification of Christian Worldview

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The crusades: The Bequest and Exemplification of Christian Worldview Name Course Tutor Date Introduction Crusades are a term used to describe a series of expeditions from west Europe to the east Mediterranean and the events which characterized those expeditions.


The first crusade is believed to be initiated by Pope Urban II in 1095AD when he learned that Muslims had taken Jerusalem considering that Jerusalem was the city of God. This was so much for the Pope to bear and he immediately began on his teachings on the significance of Jerusalem to Christianity and that Jerusalem was to be retaken at whatever cost. Christians received these teachings with a lot of enthusiasm and decided to follow the teachings of pope due high regards and respect they have for him. The people in the crusade were never recruited, its believed that they volunteered to fight for their land from the strong belief that whoever dies would become a messiah and were assured of heaven. Pope believed that Islam capture of Jerusalem would reduce the legitimacy of Christianity and that people may perceive Muslim to be stronger religion due to establishment in the city of God. There were a total of six crusades and none of them was successful except the first one.1 The first people to go to crusades were the Germans, French and Italians due to their strong belief in papacy during that period. ...
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