Compare and Contrast the Concept of God in Christianity, Islam and Judaism

Compare and Contrast the Concept of God in Christianity, Islam and Judaism Essay example
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Student Name Professor Name Paper Date The Image of God in Leading Religions of the World Introduction The leading religions of the world include the names of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The followers of the above mentioned ways of life have an explicit belief in the presence of God while some of them tend to build a connection with a Divine Entity by offering prayers and others seek him in the natural beauty of the world.


Judaism is the oldest religion of the world as it propagated from the nation of Moses after that Jesus developed Christianity and finally Islam came into the world through the teachings and guidance of Mohammad. Judaism believes that humans are created in the image of the God and therefore they are representatives of their creator on Earth. The Jewish community holds on to the belief that every human is an agent of God regardless of his or her race, religion and ethnicity (Barlas pp.3). Christianity on the other hand conceptualized the power of God to be divided into three distinct parts (Clines pp 60). The first portion resides with God himself whereas the other two are with Jesus and his mother. In this way Christianity believes in three dimensional divine super-powers. Finally Islam conforms to Jewish theological foundations by admitting that there is only one God. Islamic teachings also identify man as the true representative of the God Himself. This paper suggests that there is no feasible difference in the views of God among leading religions of the world because all of them consider man as the real representative of God. ...
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