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Name Instructor Course Date Eucharist sacrament Catholic sacrament is a Christian ritual meant to mark God’s grace or purification. Christians from different denominations and believes do take the sacrament as a form of asking God’s forgiveness and grace.


Furthermore, each sacrament is meant for a particular stage of Christian life. This work puts more emphasis on the Eucharist which is also regarded as Holy Communion. The holy Sacrament began the day Jesus gathered his disciples in a quite and orderly room for the last supper. This marked his major mingle with his disciples and was acting as a reminder in their lives and even the generations that were to come. He ordered for certain bread made in specific ways, for instance, it was to be unleavened, meaning it was to have no additives but be made from pure wheat. He then taught them on the importance and implication of the occasion before the actual partaking. He then blessed the bread and wine and ordered his disciples to partake in his remembrance. Jesus the broke the bread and gave to the disciples to symbolize his fleas while the wine symbolized his blood. The disciples kept on with the ritual even after their master ascended to heaven, and this has extended even to the current Christians. The sacrament was a symbol o unity, love, loyalty and commitment to the Christian faith (CCC, 1323) Catholics and other Christians from different believes do take the holy communion to mark the sacrificial ritual and as a meal, or rather the spiritual nourishment. The ritual involves the taking of wine and bread which symbolize the blood and body of Christ. ...
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