How Charles Darwin and Darwinism affected the nineteenth-century.

How Charles Darwin and Darwinism affected the nineteenth-century. Research Paper example
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It is without question that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution has fundamentally changed the way in which humans interact with one another and defined the universe in which they live. Interestingly, even though this evolution does not specifically reference the nonexistence of a higher power, the rate and extent to which individuals integrated with the theory of evolution ultimately impacted upon the overall level to which a higher power was believed to be responsible for the natural universe.


Whereas few scientific theories can fundamentally shift the way in which the broader populace integrates with a particular worldview that they might have, the theory of evolution was profound and singular due to the fact that it influence not only the scientific community but also the average stakeholders within society. As it was realized that divine action has little if any do with the rise and generation of life on planet Earth, a fundamental question was raised by extension; whether or not God existed at all. Ultimately, what is being defined is a situation in which Darwin, although not the preeminent atheists as he is often defined, was the instigator of a theory that has fundamentally shaped and shifted human belief and consciousness concerning the existence of the divine as well as the underlying reasons for morality and the purpose of life. Prior to the theory of evolution, religion, specifically Christianity, had defined the way in which the Western world integrated with any and all forms of science or other field of human knowledge and/or study. ...
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