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This paper is aimed to analyse the article which is a section of the by Mark Driscoll. It contains the biblical aspects of Creation and its contrary ideas. This paper is focused on explicating the ideas about Creation which are addressed in this article.


The concept of evolution illuminates that the process of creation was contained with evolutionary methods. There are two types of evolutions in which one if the evolution on the micro level and the other is the macro evolution. Macro evolution proposes that the species can be transformed by the passage of a long time span into new specie whereas the micro evolution holds that the evolution occurs within specie in accordance with its habitat. The biblical interpretation of the theory of evolution is entailed with only the micro evolution. It has been identified as the goodness and mercy of God Who has provided the capability of adaptation to all of the species which helps them to survive in any environment. However, there are no biblical evidences found regarding the conception of macro evolution. The Darwin’s account of evolution has created the possibility for the denial of biblical authority in the domain of creation which illuminates the significance of this topic for the Christians. ...
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