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Pastoral counseling - Essay Example

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Religion and Theology
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The author tells that counseling is an integral part of pastoring is underscored by a close and keener consideration of the Biblical Scriptures and a walk with Christ in everyday life and ministry, as shall be seen in the discussion which ensues forthwith. …

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Pastoral counseling

The author of this essay shares his experience with pastoral counseling. As far as the first year of pastoring and ministry is concerned, several challenges beset his aspiration to be the pastor he had intended. He had difficulty in successfully and effectively reaching out to members of the church, especially when they needed counseling services. Part of this difficulty had its underpinnings in the fact that he was still a novice in the work of the ministry. Being a novice in the work of the ministry also bombarded his psychology with timidity, and thereby hindering him from ministering well to more mature audience. Conversely, there are some among the congregation who felt that he was too young to effectively minister to them. Secondly, he had not obtained formal training for the work of the ministry. Instead, he was only armed with the conviction that the Bible as God’s word is an essential resource in counseling. To him, every problem that the parishioner had could be solved through scriptural application. Nevertheless, that there were problems in his approach and nascent stage of development in the ministry is a matter that was underscored by silent protest by the parishioners. Of much note was a parishioner who needed referrals to people-helper, in order to access counseling services. Due to his limitations, he doubted if he knew what to do exactly and continued to offer counseling services with little help. The culmination of this development was the parishioner leaving the church because of dissatisfaction and psychological detachment from the church. ...
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