Religion Does More Harm Than Good

Religion Does More Harm Than Good Essay example
Religion and Theology
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Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Anna and I stand before you to support the motion that religion does more harm than good. I am therefore against the team that says religion has done more good in the society.


I will also introduce my colleagues in the affirmative team that includes Hamad, who will come to discuss the impact of religion on politics of today as he tries to prove the point that religion has indeed negatively affected the political situation of the 21st century as it had done throughout history. My other colleague Rubby will be seeking to address the various situations in which religion has failed to honor its original intention of standing up for the people by trying to prevent some of the historical crimes that happened under the watchful eyes of religion. He will reveal to you that by failing to speak against some of those crimes in the society, religion was indeed supporting them thus contributing to harmful effects in the society in general. I will begin my submission by attempting to define each word of utmost importance in the motion so that we fully understand what we are dealing with. To begin with, religion can be described as an organized system of beliefs, world views and cultural systems that revolve around spirituality and the supernatural realm (Kant, Immanuel 2001). There are various religions around the world including Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism to mention but a few. ...
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