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The paper mainly intends to focus on the nature of the universe and the relation between the supernatural and the scientific world. Despite of belonging to different religions, the four authors mentioned in the article, that the existence of God is merely a subject of just talking. It shows that they believe God does not exist in this world of science. On further note with respect to the article, it was revealed that, some think God is a creature like human beings while the other thinks God to be fictional. On contrary, few believe that, the existence of God would have been abolished, if did not have invented verbal language. Furthermore, the article reflects about history, which tends to reveal about theists and the atheists endures executed atrocities. Correspondingly, this article has provided valuable information with regard to the existence of God. In accordance with the article, existence of God is viewed as a system of symbol and purpose among others. Furthermore, this particular article has revealed, that view of the authors remain the same despite of their belonging to differentiated religion. THESIS STATEMENT Thesis Statement has intended to show the motive or the objectives of the article. The article has reviewed about the varying views of people regarding the organized religion and the existence of God. ...
In the article the two of the authors i.e., Anthony Lowenstein and Jane Caro are atheists and are providing their views with regard to the existence of God. This particular assignment intends to study the utilities of Atheism in certain areas and how it can be used to relate with this assignment. A detailed study about the utilities of atheism has been revealed in this paper. There always exist some atheists in every religion as seen in the given article. They oppose the views of the theists in the community. These subjects have been tried to elaborated and described in the discussion related to this assignment. Various aspects about the belief in God and the religion have been the major objective of this assignment. DISCUSSION The prime important topic of the article is the debate on the organized religion and the existence of God. It has given various ideologies regarding the topic. In the given article it has been observed that some people believe, in the existence of God, while some people believe that God is an entity like human beings and some said that God is a fiction in any form. The participants of the debate gave a similar ideology of non- existence of God despite of belonging to different religion. The targeted audiences in the debate were the people who had visited the debate program. With reference to the given article, two of the authors believe that God does not exist as they consider themselves as atheists. While the others; Simon Smart, who is a Christian and Rachel Woodlock a Muslim, believes that there is existence of God. In this stand, they were termed as theists. Atheism is the lack of belief in God. In the article the two atheist authors have tried to compare God with many things as man like entity, a fiction or certain ...Show more


Atheism INTRODUCTION According to the article it reveals information about the debate conducted among two of the atheists namely Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. The debate was based on the 13 aspects of the religious matter, which were important according to them and the subsistence of God…
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Atheism essay example
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