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(Your University) Daniel 9:24-27 (Name Of Your School Within University) By (Your Name) (City, State) (Month, Year) DANIEL 9:24-27 The four discussed verses of the Book of Daniel, chapter nine, hold within it the most powerful prophecies of the Bible (The Seventy weeks).


One cannot overemphasize the significance of the prophecies of the seventy weeks of Daniel. This scripture of Daniel is the layout of much of the history of Israel, which extends from the time of Daniel to the coming of Jesus. The prophecies presented in Daniel chapter nine cover the death of Jesus, devastation of Jerusalem afterwards, brief information about Anti-Christ, sacrifices, oblation, the initiation of tribulation, return of Jesus on earth, the end of Antichrist and much more. Verse 24th The first section of the prophecy holds several significant facts. Some of the critics argue that the scriptures of Daniel do not talk about years but they actually mentioned weeks or months in the context. However the word Shabuim, and several other pointers indicate that these are not the weeks or months but years, what Daniel is talking about. Harold Hoehner also agrees to the fact that the word Shabium used in Daniel’s context refers to the time span of seven years and therefore considering this as weeks or months is senseless. The 70 years that Daniel emphasized on begins in the era of the banishment of Jews to Babylon. Another section of the Daniel chapter nine points that there were 490 years engraved from the era of the Gentiles. ...
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