Creation vs. Evolution - Essay Example

Both the terms i.e. creation and evolution have strong interrelations with each other in relation to living organisms wherein the process of evolution takes place after creation (Strobel 98). This aspect can very well be related with the fact that human beings have evolved through apes and this is indeed a fact as there are numerous evidences to prove this fact (Scott 64). However, this essay intends to critically analyze the broad understandings regarding the various aspects of creation and evolution. The role that God played in relation to these two aspects will be also be broadly analyzed upon.
The notion of Creation vs. Evolution has been discussed in the book titled ‘The Case for Faith’ written by Lee Strobel. The book showcased the relationship between creation and evolution and it also highlighted the ways through which the human beings undergo the process of evolution after their creation. It has been learnt that evolution was considered to explain the origin as well as the development of life (Strobel 90). In relation to the beliefs of Christianity, evolution and its theory are considered to be catastrophic. It is felt that evolution can lead to drastic changes in one’s life and also it may result in harmful or depressive activities in the life of an individual or any other living being. It has also been learnt that many Christians have been seen to give rise to numerous objections/obligations in relation to the theory of evolution. ...Show more


Creation vs. Evolution
In life, the aspect of creation plays a very important role, as it gives rise to the notion of evolution (Strobel 97). It is a term that in general refers to the various processes through which different living organisms undergo changes and developments throughout the period of time…
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