Preview 4 Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

Preview 4 Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics Book Report/Review example
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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle is one of the ancient writers who left an impact evident in his book on ‘Ethics’. Although the original book appeared in Greek, a factor that has made translation quite hectic, this volume manages to bring out ideas as perceived by Aristotle.


This preview will cite some critical quotes and analyze them. In the first book, Aristotle points out something that is of critical importance to any reader who seeks to understand his ideas. He asserts ‘Our account of this science will be adequate if it achieves such clarity as the subject-matter allows; for the same degree of precision is not to be expected in all discussions, any more than in all products of handicraft’( (Aristotle 7). This quote helps the reader develop realistic expectations from the book. Contrary to what many people would expect, there are no defined rules of acquiring virtues. He seeks to alert the reader that having virtues only comes after consistent practice. Therefore, the reader cannot expect to decipher distinct rules and a code of conduct by reading this volume. In this book, Aristotle highlights that happiness is the ‘supreme good’ precisely because there all the other things that an individual does have happiness as the ultimate end. He perceived that beyond ‘happiness’, there was nothing else that humans sought to achieve. According to him, happiness denoted a distinct way of life, and did not denote an array of dispositions or state as viewed by many people. In the second book, Aristotle writes about virtue. ...
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