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Preview 5 Aquinas, An Anthology on Natural Law and Politics - Book Report/Review Example

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Preview 5 Aquinas, An Anthology on Natural Law and Politics

Aquinas further explains that this knowledge is perfect because God created us to acquire it, but it is hidden from us, as long as we are in our mortal bodies. By referring to this statement, Aquinas meant that this true knowledge is the knowledge of God that enables us to see him directly only if we purify our souls and that is when we will experience ultimate pleasure or happiness. More so, the souks that humans posses is the potential of human nature because it drives them to pleasures and happiness, hence humanity is found in the human innermost being which is the soul. In spite of the human soul or humanity portraying happiness, the happiness felt differ because there exists an imperfect happiness here on earth that depends on an individual’s natural facilities. More so, he claims that the highest a human being can acquire is reason through which happiness becomes achievable. Aquinas through his summa contra gentiles emphasizes on the relationship between truth and happiness by quoting that: “Man’s ultimate happiness consists in the contemplation of truth, for this operation is specific to man and is shared with no other animals. Also it is not directed to any other end since the contemplation of truth is sought for its own sake. ...
He elaborates this deeper revelation by explaining that perfect happiness can only be attained in the next life, since the Society of Friends does not foster anyone to happiness. He further argued that for a person to possess the complete fulfillment in his/her perfection, the individual must seek God because He is the only source of pure hapinerss. Generally, Aquinas intended to lay out the line between enjoyment and happiness, where he claims that enjoyment comes from physical pleasures of the world. The pleasures of the world are short lived and no matter how much one acquires them, he would remain unhappy because the lack of real happiness would nag his feelings. Hence, there is something greater than enjoyment, which is the ultimate and perfect happiness achieved by searching personal spiritually and knowing God. This leads us to the other point that begs the question of whether God made human nature with some independent standard of goodness, because if it would be so, human beings would not search for ways to fulfill their happiness. He answers this by arguing that even if God created human nature to experience independence, humans exist in a universe that is highly politicized and full of law. He identified three types of laws, which are eternal, natural, and positive. The philosopher further explained that natural law directs humankind to common sense, while positive law is the governing law and that it should be an obvious of natural law. Aquinas further argues that positive law is governing law because, “law is nothing but a dictate of practical reason issued by a sovereign who governs a complete community” (Aquinas, 2003:33) and that, “the whole ...Show more


Name Institution Course Instructor Date Thomas Aquinas analysis about the humanity, happiness, and universe Thomas Aquinas was a great philosopher and theologist, who differentiated philosophy and theology by vividly outlining the big difference between the two aspects…
Author : jazminstreich
Preview 5 Aquinas, An Anthology on Natural Law and Politics essay example
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