Homosexuality as a Theological Issue

Homosexuality as a Theological Issue Essay example
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Currently, homosexuality is social issue, and one that draws a lot of attention from different fronts. In the recent past, there has been an increase in the number of people associating themselves with homosexuality.


Christians find themselves at the center of this wave, as people look up to them for guidance on the stand they are supposed to take. The commonality of this in theology particularly, is that people need to know Christian’s stand in this homosexuality issue. As such, different theologians have written different articles expressing their ideas on the homosexuality as a social issue. In my analysis in this essay, I will put into consideration three author’s writings, and their reasoning about homosexuality. A concise summary of each of these theological reasoning will form the basis of their comparison and contrast. Conclusively, I will draw personalized ideas and thoughts on the homosexuality issue. Koranteng-Pipim, in his article, “Three Conflicting Views on Homosexuality” seeks to find the church’s stand on homosexuality. The biggest issue is whether they should accept or reject these individuals whenever they join their congregation. Both stands have their unique ethical consequences. However, he singles out the case of seventh day adventurist church, which has assumed three approaches to homosexuality (Koranteng-Pipim 1). Despite the fact that the church in past has assumed a non-acceptance stand on this issue, the recent rise of pro-homosexual groups continue to amount the church on assuming a full-acceptance approach to these people. ...
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