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The Golden Compass

.. Every church is the same: control, destroy, and obliterate every good feeling.... For all its history [religion] has tried to suppress and control every natural impulse" (Pullman as quoted in Burke 2007). The worldview espoused or promoted by the movie is very different to the Christian worldview. The former suggests application of rationality and equitable humanism whereas the latter promotes dogma and exclusion on communal lines. What Weitz has attempted to convey in the film is the corruption that is inherent in institutions of power. Under the pressure of marketers to make the film appealing to all, Weitz had to remove explicit references to religion. In their stead, Weitz erects this abstract omni-authoritative organization called the Magisterium. Weitz (and by extension Pullman’s) proposition is that any form of authority should be questioned by those who come under its purview. They encourage even children to question the authority of elders, albeit with proper manners. It is through this freedom to question authority that progress is ever possible. It is through this attitude of free-inquiry that truth is established and marked as such. The Christian worldview is very contrasted to the one conceived by Pullman and Weitz. ...Show more


Write a formal essay based on the movie ‘The Golden Compass’. Explain the worldview of the movie and how it compares/contrasts from a Christian worldview. The Golden Compass is a bold movie in the sense that it tackles a major social malaise – namely religious authority…
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The Golden Compass essay example
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