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Name Course Instructor Date The Greek Civilization Civilization is a phrase that was coined from Latin word to mean the state of advancement in the social, cultural and material status of a society or a civil organization and existence of man. The development in the Greek tradition and the advance of the society during the 18th century is believed to have influenced the growth and development of modern world.


The migration of the Greeks from their motherland believed to be somewhere in middle Asia has been attributed to the rise of Greece civilization and as start point upon which their development was based. In this paper, the factors that influenced the historical development of the Greek civilization will be evaluated to help find out reasons for such an extraordinary civilization. Other civilizations also occurred after or during the Greek civilization and this paper will seek to identify if the Greek civilization was more superior to these other civilizations like the Near Eastern civilization (Bruce 12). A number of agricultural, industrial and medical practices have roots in the Greek culture and this explains the extraordinary nature of the Greek civilization. Pruning, an agricultural practice was discovered in the Apulia when in the process of feeding, asses ate the shoots of vines and this resulted into increased yields. This happened despite historical evidence that points to Africa as the home of many plants that later domesticated into food crops. Large scale and plantation farming also began in Greek and this is attributed to the emergence of the growth of food crops in large scales to feed the increasing population. ...
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