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Gran Torino and Race Relations and Ethics In the movie Gran Torino, there are complicated issues that implicate both social justice and racial tensions and relations. The evolution of the main character in the movie, Walt Kowalski, shows an evolution of his own sense of race and social justice, while giving him a measure of redemption about the past and the things that he did when he served in Korea.


Natural law would dictate that there are just some things which are right, and some things which are wrong, and that these laws are given by nature and cannot be superseded by man’s law. Man’s law is something that Walt violated, several times, during the course of the movie. And that is that Walt assaulted gang members during the movie, by giving them a fear that they would be shot by Walter. This would be against the law that would be prescribed by man. However, Walt also knew that he had to intimidate the individuals in this movie, because, if he did not, these individuals would continue to intimidate the family next door. Therefore, this is an example of natural law being superior to man’s law, and this is how Walt continues to behave throughout the movie. Other instances of Walt using natural law over man’s law would arguably be the incident in Korea that Walt talks about. He states that he killed without orders, or at least this is what he implied. Therefore, he found that it was right in that particular situation to kill, even though the explicit man’s law would state that he wouldn’t be able to do this. ...
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