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Religion and Theology
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RELIGION EXAM QUESTIONS Latasha R. Lee Course 30th September, 2013 Religion Exam Questions Question 1 In the Council of Chalcedon (451) and Council of Ephesus (431) the relationship between the two natures of God is defined. The Councils also explain that Jesus is the only Son of God, a true God, and man1…

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A good example is a situation whereby some individuals interpreted the scriptures in relation to Christ as a being; thus, assumed his ontological feature4. In this case, this group visualized God as the Father and that there was no difference between the two5. In the contemporary society, a lot of individuals failed to understand the two natures of God and can barely explain Jesus. This can then be related to the Christological errors that saw differences in the Church. More differences were to arise in the Church, as no tangible conclusion was reached in a discussion of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I, however, believe in the Holy Trinity due to my strong conviction in the doctrines of Christology that emphasizes on the forms of Jesus. Question 2 Christendom may simply be referred to as a Christian world that entails social and political polities6. Christendom created a subtle division of power between the state and the church as medieval Christendom aimed at creating a government that would uphold Christian doctrines and values7. The clergy were then given a lot of political authority- what was acceptable throughout Europe- though politicians and clergymen differed in function. ...
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