Literary Analysis, 1 Kings 19 1 - 21

Literary Analysis, 1 Kings 19 1 - 21 Essay example
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LITERARY ANALYSIS: 1 KINGS 19; 1 – 21 Name Course Date Literary Analysis: 1 Kings 19; 1 - 21 In this literary piece, the author is a biblical author. The literary piece is a part of the Bible and the Bible has a lot of similar literary piece compared to other literature pieces from the book.


While developing a connection between the author and the reader, the literature piece uses direct words and simple vocabulary to develop the story. This does not provide the reader with a lot of difficulty in relating to the setting, plot and content of the literature piece. Literary content found in the Bible are developed by simpler terms to gain as much simplicity as possible1. The author attributes this characteristic to the fact that the Bible has numerous translations which makes it easier for authors to use simpler language due to the fact that they have a clear understanding of the book due to numerous versions2. Apart from the general characteristics of the language used in the Bible, the paper will analyze a specific literature piece from the Bible. The Bible extract is from the book of 1 Kings 19: 1-21. Additionally, the paper will also analyze the literary style used by the narrator of the Bible extract. The narrator uses numerous techniques of narration in this extract. For instance, the author uses repetition, reported speech, dialogue and direct speech in the extract. These literature styles are used as a tool to indulge the reader in the plot of the literature. A reader is able to understand and relate to the provisions of the literature piece. The narrator also effectively uses paragraphs to effectively format the narration into significant parts. ...
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