Research an INDIGENOUS RELIGIOUS MYTH (in the terminology of the class) and:

Research an INDIGENOUS RELIGIOUS MYTH (in the terminology of the class) and: Essay example
Religion and Theology
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The Australian Aboriginal Religious Mythology Cowan argues that, even though mythology and rituals complements each other, the two never coincide completely (16). Rituals in this case involve acting out events in the myths, mythology justifying, substantiating, or explaining different rituals.


In this case, the Aborigines depended entirely on plants and animals provided by nature, with neither domestic animals nor crop plants to fall back on. Since the Aborigines were also hunters and gatherers, their lives were dependent on their ability to find food every day. As a result, they expected rituals to form part of their religious life. In this regard, the Aborigines performed several ceremoinies, which they believed helped them get enough food supplies, water, and other things, which they needed, noted Charlesworth (6). The word myth is applicable in two different perspectives. On one hand, the word myth can is used to imply a misconception or an outright lie, which has no bearing on reality. On the other hand, the word myth can be used to refer to the narrative or story or series of songs that were of great religious significance to the Aborigines, preserving a special body of beliefs or expression of orders from certain divine beings (Struik Publishers 382). As with the myths of other religions, the followers of this religion believe that the stories told by the Aborigines are true. Charlesworth revealed that the Aboriginal Dreamtime stories are much provable than the mythology of any other religion on planet (9). For instance, archeologists have suggested that the Aborigines arrived in Australia by canoe from the north. ...
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