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Buddhism INTRODUCTION In Christianity worldview, the concept of rebirth means regeneration of the human soul. The concept of rebirth is possible only when the person has strong connection with Jesus Christ as per the belief in the New Testimonials. The western believe of the people about rebirth is that the soul travels from one physical body and gets incarnated as another human being in their ‘life after death’.


For instance, where Christian worldview advocates that salvation and rebirth is possible through the divine nature of the individual as it was in the case of Jesus Himself, in Buddhism, believes argue that salvation and rebirth is a cycle of life which is judged by the Karma of the individual and is not restricted to the spiritual holiness of the soul. To be precise, in Buddhism, the deeds of the person during his life cycle, decides the form of his/her birth as a human or else. However, in Christianity, the philosophical claim propounds that the way to salvation is through Him. Again, principles in Buddhism showed the way to Nirvana and asked the followers to find their own path to attain a life after death. The Christian worldview thus believes that rebirth is possible by following the doctrines of Bible, and the human soul gets birth as only human; but, Buddhism states that rebirth means ‘life after death’, which depends on the Karma of the individuals, where the individuals can take birth as anything in accordance with their deeds (Zukeran, “Reincarnation and Christianity”). ...
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