Paul's First Missionary Journey

Religion and Theology
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University of …. The Faculty of … This research traces the beginning of Paul’s missionary work as presented in the book of Acts, Pail’s letters, as well as viewed by the scholars in the field. The paper argues that Paul’s first missionary journey represents a qualitatively new initiative that changed the geographical and social scope of the Christian movement and laid the foundations of the Christian community as we know it today.


Table of Contents Introduction 2 Dating Issues 5 Bringing God’s Message to the Gentiles 9 Implications for the Church 19 Conclusion 20 Bibliography 21 Introduction Paul was born in Tarsus as Saul1, into a devout Jewish family that brought him up “a member of the people of Israel, a Hebrew...; as to the law, a Pharisee”23. By that time, Tarsus was the metropolis of Cilicia, which had been administered by the governor of the Roman province of Syria4. There is a little mention of the city of Tarsus in the scriptures5; however, having been written about the time of Paul, Strabo’s Geography presents a more detailed account of the issue, stating that the city of Tarsus possessed a flourishing and powerful population, and all kinds of schools of rhetoric6. Another description of Tarsus is given by Flavius Philostratus in his Life of Apollonius, where the city is considered “harsh and strange and little conductive to the philosophic life”, and its citizens nowhere else more addicted to luxury7. ...
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