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Student Ministry Philosophy Report Name: Instructor: Stage 1: Philosophy of Wordlife Youth Ministry Basis of Authority Wordlife Youth Ministry is a ministry that has a passion for reaching the youth, particularly students in the area where it is located, with the aim of assisting them to grow in the likeness of Christ in all walks of life.


It is a family friendly and mission-minded community that loves to assist the youth in serving one another, with our doors open to all the young people who desire to form and maintain a relationship with Jesus Christ as well as with others. The ministry is located in San Diego, California, and is based at the St. Patrick Anglican church in the city. As for the student ministry’s vision, we believe that God wants the ministry to be the church for the middle school and high school students of the schools that are located in San Diego, California, mainly those who attend the St. Patrick Church. Its mission is what the Lord calls the church to do all over the world, which is to make the youth to become martyrs whose lives are dedicated to serving Jesus Christ and can die for him. Wordlife Youth Ministry hopes to accomplish the mission as laid down by the vision, which is to convince students and the youth in general to love both God and other people, to learn the bible, and lead a lifestyle as Jesus would have wanted his followers to live. Our aim is to see students experiencing the real meaning of following Jesus Christ, both within and outside the church building walls1. ...
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