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The practice of regular prayer or Salah is considered one of the most fundamental requirements of Islamic worship. As mentioned in the article, what everyone should know about Islam and Muslims?


According to the prescription of prayer, any true Muslim should attend to prayers during the prescribed times five times a day. If they fail to follow this prescription, they will surely fall into disbelief. I have observed with admiration Muslims observing the daily prayers as required by the Holy Quran. However, from my understanding of God as being spirit, one of the requirements for His worship is that those who worship Him must do so in spirit. Therefore, according to my view of prayer, it is not the frequency of attendance to the Mosque that counts but rather the state of our spirit, whether it is in harmony with the spirit of God or not. As result, the strict observance of prayer in Islam, somehow conflicts with my understanding that God is everywhere and cannot be contained in a particular place or time. Although, from an ecumenical point of view, such an understanding of the obligations of prayer by Muslims will change the perspective I hold in terms of embracing them at work or to attend to their spiritual obligations which ensures harmonious existence in society. ...
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