Critically analyse the fall of mankind in Genesis 3 and God's response to it.

Critically analyse the fall of mankind in Genesis 3 and God
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THE 1001 FALL OF MANKIND AND GOD’S RESPONSE TO IT Student name: Institution: Course name: Instructor: Date due: Word count: 1,005 words Introduction Genesis is the first book contained in the bible. This book explains about a number of “beginnings”. That is the creation of the world, first man and woman, and the disobedience of man.


Exegesis of Genesis 3: 1-24 This book begins with the temptation of mankind via Satan slandering God to Eve through angelic disguise. The snake was a creature created by God, but it was a sneaker creature as compared to the other animals created. Satan chooses to use the serpent as it had a crafty character (genesis 3:1). The Devil in dwelt the snake and it is his tone of voice that was heard by Eve. The serpent began a conversation with Eve in relation to God’s prohibition to the tree in the center of the Garden of Eden (Westbow Press 2013: 127). The expression used by the serpent to Eve was very meticulous; it was a rhetorical question. The woman replied by saying that they were allowed all other fruits except the one in the middle of the garden. The serpent brushes this aside to concentrate in on God’s ruling out of the tree of understanding of good and wickedness (Kvam 1999 et al: 431). This term, “or you will die” is used three times in verses 3 and 4. It is unclear what Eve comprehended concerning the demise for none of the animals created had passed away. This term may have been communicated by God to the man and woman (Williams 2010: 17). ...
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