Pope Benedict XVI and Enviromental Concerns

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Pope Benedict XVI and Environmental concerns (Name) (Tutor’s Name) (College) (Date) INTRODUCTION Admittedly, Pope Benedict XVI is noted for his recent statements related to environment. It seems that he is very interested in the subject because he has spoken and written about environment and human responsibilities in a number of situations.


of mankind. Admittedly, the only irony is that still, the leader thinks only about the welfare of the mankind; not about the wellbeing of other species. The spiritual leader thinks that the methods of development adopted by the nations are erroneous and are the reasons behind the present day environmental crises. So, it is claimed by the Pope that there is the need to have a long term review of our ‘models of development’. The situation is warranted due to a number of reasons. Firstly, ‘the ecological health of the planet’ is declining, and secondly, there is severe cultural and moral crisis everywhere in the world2. Another important aspect of the environmental view held by Pope Benedict XVI is the realization of the need to unite irrespective of region and religion. In other words, Pope is calling for the unity of all people, all nations, and all cultures to bring about effective changes in the way we deal with environment. ...
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