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10 points about three different materials

The author had reviewed many Hollywood films before writing the book centering the developments identified since the early ages till the current era 3. Earlier, movies depicted the Arab lifestyle as backward in comparison to the western cultures, reflecting upon the magic inspired traditional values of Arabian businessmen travelling in the floating carpet for the purpose of trade 4. During the year 1979-2000, the Hollywood movies used to cast an Arab personality in their movie where the Arabs were portrayed to travel to the US and spent a lot of money to lead a luxurious life, showing non-negligible obsession for the American women in the US 5. Jack Valenti, the Chairman of the Motion Pictures of America denoted that Washington and Hollywood come from the same DNA 6. Unlike the previous ones, the recent Hollywood movies show terror created by the Arabs residing in the America involving female members of the society as participating in terror activities such as kidnapping and killing of the US soldiers. 7. One of the movies also showed an incident, where the Arab Muslims had burned the national flag of the US in front of the US Embassy Reflecting upon the conflict placed today between the two cultures 8. The Hollywood movie, titled “The Delta Force” released in the year 1986, revealed an incident where an American aircraft was hijacked containing Jewish passengers majorly ...
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10 points about three different materials QUESTION 1 The key elements of the article are as follows: 1. The video is a description of the book preparation with the title “Reel Bad Arabs - How Hollywood Vilifies a People”, narrated by the author himself…
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