Book Review - Joshua Rest -Land Won (Turabian Format)

Book Review -     Joshua Rest -Land Won  (Turabian Format) Essay example
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Joshua: Rest-Land Won. Everyman’s Bible Commentary series. By Irving L Jensen. Chicago: Moody Press, 1966. 128 pages. Introduction Christianity, being one of the major religions of the world, attracts a large loyal following. It is because of this that several exceptional theological books have been written to aid in the understanding of the bible and Christianity.


The author of the book is an accomplished theological writer with more than sixty books already published. Before his death, Jensen held a BA degree from Wagner College and worked for thirty years as professor at Bryan College in Tennessee. This paper is a knowledgeable review of his informative commentary on Joshua and the journey to the Promised Land. Summary of the Content Even for a person who is not acquainted with the book of Joshua, Jensen’s commentary provides a good resource for studying the entire text. In this detailed analysis, the author puts the book of Joshua in its chronological setting. He traces the flow of events through four parts that detail the journey of the Israelites. The central character in this commentary is the biblical Joshua. The author portrays Joshua as a revolutionary leader who was handpicked by God. His main duty was to lead the Israelites through the remaining part of the journey into the Promised Land. The author provides brief biographical information on Joshua to make the reader acquainted with the kind of leader he was. To take the reader through the journey, Jensen avails a map detailing Joshua’s three campaigns at the beginning of the text. ...
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