Strength to love by Martin Luther king Jr.

Strength to love by Martin Luther king Jr. Essay example
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Strength to Love by Martin Luther King Junior Name Course Name Instructor Date Many people have cited the phrase ‘love conquers all’ for ages but it is high time that people especially the citizens of America to lead by example as Martin Luther King Junior emphasis in his series of writings particularly in Strength of love.


In this regard, it is important for every person to cherish one another and to shower brotherly love upon everyone irrespective of their background, if the American Dream is anything to go by. Additionally, people especially the Americans ought to recognize the fact that every great nation sustains development by embracing both regional and internal diversity. Although the religious, cultural, and racial diversity exists among the Americans, they can coexist peacefully and harmoniously in order to ensure that the society is full of love, political and social affiliations notwithstanding. As clearly stated by Martin Luther King Junior, the achievement of the American dream needed the participation of all despite their racial or cultural backgrounds. In this respect, it is important to note that love has the strength to conquer all evil that may arise within the society as long as every person is willing to adopt unconditional love for one another. America is a great nation that commands great honor and respect across the globe due to the unrelenting efforts by her hardworking citizens to make the nation a better place for all. Similarly, the nation requires peace in order for both the political and economic development and processes to continue harmoniously. ...
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