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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Islamic Culture and Politics Question One The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 in Egypt as an all-encompassing, social and religious Islamic movement and has presently grown into an Islamic transitional political organization.


The similarities of the activities of these two groups is that they both aimed at instilling Sunnah (which are Prophet Muhammad’s living habits and sayings) and the Qur’an as the only points of reference for the ordering of life for all Muslim individuals, families, communities and nations (Mohammed 52). Activities by both groups fight for political reforms are driven by the belief in God (Allah) being their objective and the Qur’an the law. Funded by members’ contributions, who must assign a segment of their earnings to the movement, the Muslim Brotherhood in both the Arab and Western countries engages in political violence as they make Jihad their way of life. They believe that all Islamic countries must fight oppressors and Allah’s enemies as an overture to developing strong status as Islamic nations. For example, the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt participated in violence, in the country, after the death of their founder al-Banna in 1949 for many years until they were suppressed forcibly and reemerged in 2011. However, the Muslim Brotherhood differs in its activities among the Arab and Western countries. In the Western world, the Brotherhood aims to end Western civilization from inside the countries they are present, and replace it with Islamic concepts. ...
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