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Malcolm X-J New Muslim Activism Name: Institution: Malcolm X-J New Muslim Activism Introduction Prior to leaving the Nation of Islam in 1964, Malcolm X trained his philosophies through speeches. The words were always peppered with the phrase "The Honorable Prophet Elijah Muhammad teaches us that " In his speeches, Malcolm taught people that Africans were the original humans of the world and that whites were simply a race of evil spirits, whose creator was also an evil scientist referred to as Yakub (Mash, 1996).


The Nation of Islam planned the creation of a separate nation for African Americans in the Southern or Southwestern part of the United States. This was only to be an interim plan till African Americans go back to their motherland – Africa. Malcolm X argued that the U.S. government owed compensations to blacks for the slave labor of forced to their forefathers and foremothers (Mash, 1996). He also advocated against the civil rights group’s strategy of peacefulness and rather advocated that African Americans should defend themselves by any significant means. Many authors have endeavored to come up with publications that talk about this topic (Barboza, 1995; Mash 1996; Tate, 1997; Turner, 1997). Some have received nice reception and others bad, but some of the leading exceptions include Marsh’s From Black Muslims to Muslims, Tate’s Little X, Turner’s Islam in the African-American Experience and Barboza’s American Jihad Islam after Malcolm X. This paper will summarize these writings and discuss how these four publications brought out this topic keeping in mind their authors’ thesis, as well as their methods. ...
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