Representations of Islam in the media

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Representations of Islam in the media Student’s Name Grade Course Instructor’s Name (29th, Oct. 2013) Representations of Islam in the media Media is a powerful tool that has the great potential of shaping the perception of the masses, regarding social, political, cultural, economic and religious subjects.


The issue of Islamophobia has been the subject of media reporting, especially since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the USA, which shifted the war on terrorism and terrorist activities from just mere focus on terrorists and their ideologies, to delve further into the issue of Islam as a religion, and how its doctrines are in line with the holy war, normally referred to as the Jihad. The articles are meant for the benefit of both the Christians and the Muslims, acting as a basis through which the two religions should engage in constructive dialogue, towards reverting to their earlier cordial relationship. According to (Ridgeon & Schmidt-Leukel, 2006), in both Christian and Islam religions, “there were and are times of peaceful existence” p137, meaning the same can coexist today peacefully. Thus, the articles are in the best interest of both the Islam and Christian religions, and the texts serve to present a view that the world can be peaceful. These texts are positioned to enable the readers to respond to the present media reporting regarding Islam, through presenting the knowledge that despite the differences occurring in both religions, they can still coexist (Pratt, 2005). ...
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