Explore a personal / community application of a Buddhist Practice (I chose walking)

Explore a personal / community application of a Buddhist Practice (I chose walking) Speech or Presentation example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Walking Meditation Buddhist practices that have a relation to yoga are meant to sooth the spiritual and general wellbeing of the person who engages in them. A personal dimension of walking as a Buddhist practice can lead to personal development.


Walking meditation is possibly the kind of meditation that is most responsive to the on-the-go current lifestyle. Countless people find it tough to set separately time to sit and meditate, but just about everybody does some walking in a day, even if it is only a tour to the grocery store or the park (Nguyen 18). Since most of the people do not get sufficient exercise, walking meditation provides the platform or the opportunity to retain both the mind and body in a healthy state. Walking meditation can be a lot of fun and beneficial if made a routine. It helps people to enjoy the experience of having a fit body, and can be very luxurious and immeasurably pleasurable. It can be incorporated in our daily and most common activities. Therefore, it does not result in conflict of interest. When walking, it is essential to concentrate and initially focus on the body such as legs, knees and then focus with the mind. The final culmination is focus on the emotions and the surrounding (Nguyen 33). Karma yoga enables individual to extend selfless service to others without expecting any form of remuneration from the recipient of the good and moral actions. ...
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