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Ashley Steinberg Prof. Ironbiter Midterm Assignment 7 October 2013 Journal Entries: Buddhist Ideas and Practices Buddhism is one of the oldest religion and concept of the world Over thousand years, the Buddhist ideas and ideals, both have guided as well as influenced thoughts of several human beings all across the world.


According to him “true greatness in Buddhism was proportional to that of one’s success in unfolding the perfection dormant in human nature” (Bogoda). Being a religion with an unsurpassed track record for living up to its ideals, Buddhism has certainly earned the attention and reverence of believers across the globe. With the passage of time, it is embraced more and more by the West. But what is intriguing is the fact that perhaps somewhere there is a lack of a basic understanding of what Buddhism is and what it is not, even among many of its proponents. Currently there exist over two hundred distinct varied versions of Buddhism throughout the world. The Buddha taught for 45 years – up until the day he died. He discussed not only the lofty spiritual ideas but also the mundane topics pertaining to everyday life and issues associated with the day-to-day life of a common man. (Trungpa, 2008, p. 9) Over the years, the concept of Buddhism has been approached in various ways by various scholars across the globe. Each one of them has presented to the readers a synopsis of their own interpretation of the fundamental principles and practices of Buddhism. Each of their literary creation provides us an insight into the basics of teachings of the Buddha, from the writers’ perspective. ...
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